29. April 2015

Chef-Vault and a Fantastic Blunder

This morning, like some other mornings, I really screwed one up! It’s never fun to admit, but it is a part of life and in the spirit of openness I’ll just do my best to embrace it! Some background: I really, really love chef-vault. Apparently this morning I also really forgot how it works when I stupidly reset my chef private key. In case you ever make this amazing mistake, here’s how I went about resolving it!


28. April 2015

Test Kitchen on Docker with Kitematic

I’ve had the great opportunity in the past 4 or so months to really get going with chef, and writing automated infrastructure. It’s an incredibly deep world/community filled with loads of wonderful people and tools. One of the best tools for writing quality chef cookbooks is Test Kitchen. Test Kitchen by default uses a vagrant/virtual box environment to quickly converge and test a chef cookbook. But I’m ready to push this forward with docker for speed of convergence! Even better, I use a mac for my local machine and the docker team released an awesome beta of Kitematic to facilitate docker containers on Mac OS. Getting them set up together requires very little effort, but I wanted to note it here in case it was helpful!


24. February 2014

request-tracker4 sqlite woes

My team has been using RT (or request-tracker4) as a ticketing system to manage incoming requests. As with most new system implementations in a group as small as mine is, we can hit the ground running and just make changes/adjust as needed. This one made me a bit frustrated, so I figured I’d share in case it helped someone else.